Payments processing industry companies seem always to be at the middle of fraudulent issues. There has been a lot of hounding talks particularly Apex merchant group scams and things need to be given some light or at least unbiased opinion to be fair to all concerned. The following are the most common problems and complaints received by Apex:

1.    Expensive terminal lease contract

 Apex has business tie up with other companies specifically Merimac Capital. It appears that the company is leaned on leasing terminals because it generates more profit. But is does not seem to be doing good for the merchants or clients because of the 4 year contract that it carries which cannot be terminated easily without a significant amount of money.  Clients also complain about misrepresentation because leasing terminals only serves its purpose on large businesses and not on small food services and retail stores. Besides there are a lot cheaper terminals available nowadays that can be bought upfront.

2.    High Cancellation Fee

As stated in section 23 of the Apex agreement, it says that merchant agrees to pay not less $490 to the bank or processor if they want early termination. The said amount excludes the consequential losses, expenses and damages that are incurred during the process of cancelling the agreement. So if the client is no longer interested with the services of Apex, the cancellation fee amounts to much more than $500. This amount is quite heavy in the pocket especially among small business so it comes out to be a part of Apex merchant group rip off.

3.    PCI compliance fee

Processors are not required to collect PCI compliance charges so the annual PCI compliance payment is not expected to be passed on to the clients.  This has become an issue with some of the merchants although it is stipulated at section #21 of the agreement with Apex.

4.    Complaints from former employees and sales representatives

One of the reasons why there is much discussions about Apex merchant group fraud is the complaints received from its former agents. It seems that the employees are only lured to work for the company for the promise of high compensation and big commissions. The quality of the job performance is overlooked because of the promise of fat paycheck.

5.    Poor customer service and non-disclosure of extra charges and obligations

Clients complain about being unknowledgeable by the customer service staff about the company operations. Once the contract is signed, the agent concerned becomes scarcely available and hard to get in touched with. Calls are all just not returned. The non- explanation of important clauses in the agreement result much frustrations and this accounts to more Apex merchant group scams allegations.

Who takes the responsibility?

Given the above issues, Apex Merchant Group seems just need to be more specific and straightforward with their business transactions.  The complaints and rampant reports of apex merchant frauds could have been avoided if both the sales representatives and potential clients are given enough time to fully understand the stipulations of the contract and the consequences if the agreement is to be terminated.  

The complaints coming from the former agents are mostly unfounded and speculative. Most of them are from those who failed at doing their jobs and yet expected to be given more than what they have earned. Apex Merchant Group was given the certification to operate business and before being awarded business certifications, strict business standards must be complied. This means that the company passed the requirements.

The cost of terminal lease, the high cancellation rates and the PCI compliance charges took effect because the clients agreed to them upon signing the contract. It is mandatory to read the entire agreement including the fine prints. Between the lines can be realized and better understood if the client will take some time reading and studying written agreements. If there is even the slightest doubt about the way any company conducts its business, there should never be rushed decisions.

How are the disputes resolved?

Nonetheless, the reported Apex merchant group scams need to be reported to proper channels. If claims and arguments are coursed through inappropriate medium, more often than not, nothing will be resolved.   If false claims are made just to discredit a competing business, it is definitely not worth the trouble. Resolutions will be easier and faster if the settlement process is limited to concerned parties only.  Priority is also given to complaints with supported and grounded charges.

Business authorities including BBB are closely monitoring the actions of the payment processing companies. How the complaints and disputes are being settled and given resolution is supervised so as to protect the customers and to give Apex the chance to clear them of the alleged rip offs. Whenever there are issues about apex merchant group scams, it is very important to make objective analysis of any situation to come up with impartial judgment.


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